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Doody's Core Titles 2024 is Now Live!

Released: 23-April-2024


Oak Park, IL – Doody Enterprises has released the 2024 edition of Doody’s Core Titles ®. Doody’s Core Titles®, now in its 21st year, is an essential collection development tool for health science librarians. Every year, nearly 200 content specialists and librarians select the titles that are included in that edition of Doody’s Core Titles®. To learn more about the process, click HERE.

Doody’s Core Titles is available in two versions — Basic and Premium. While DCT Basic is the full title list, with individual scores and Essential Purchase recommendations in 124 specialties, DCT Premium includes all of the DCT Basic features plus full review and Star Ratings of any titles reviewed in Doody’s Review Service — usually more than 1,000 expert reviews.

To purchase DCT 2024 or to learn more, visit

In an effort to continue making Doody’s Core Titles a premier collection development tool for health sciences librarians, we have made the following changes in 2024:

New Specialties: For the first time since its inception in 2004, the DCT taxonomy has been updated to include new specialties. While we plan to continue adding more areas in the future, this first year’s worth of changes reflect particular specificities within certain areas as highlighted by our Librarian Selectors and approved by our Library Board of Advisors:

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is now separate from Dentistry.

  • Veterinary Nursing & Technology is now separate from Veterinary Medicine.

  • Medical Education and Medical Informatics are now separate specialties, whereas before they were combined.

New Terminology: In addition to adding new, previously unselected specialties, our Library Board of Advisors has approved specialty name changes to better reflect their anticipated subject coverage:

  • Communication Sciences & Disorders replaces Speech, Language, & Hearing.

  • Dental Hygiene & Auxiliaries replaces Dental Auxiliaries.

  • Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine replaces Anesthesiology.

  • General Internal Medicine replaces General Medicine.

  • Surgical Oncology replaces Oncologic Surgery.

  • Administration, Management & Leadership replaces Administration/Management (in Nursing).

  • Complementary & Integrative Health replaces Alternative Therapies.

  • Hospice & Palliative Care replaces Hospice (in Nursing).

Updated Scoring: To ensure continual consistency and rigor for DCT selections, Librarian Selectors have implemented new scoring guidelines that maintain a familiar scoring set (0-3) and collection development criteria yet provide substantial flexibility in weeding out titles that do not belong or do not score high enough to be retained. Thus, earning a spot on the 2024 list is more difficult than before for any given title in an effort to hone in on truly “core” titles for each specialty.


 About Doody Enterprises - Since 1993, Doody Enterprises has been the most trusted source of timely, expert reviews of newly published books, print and electronic, in the health sciences. We specialize in timely, targeted information update services for health sciences librarians that combine customized weekly literature update emails with content-rich websites.


Contact Information

Tim Butzen, MLIS

Doody Enterprises, Inc

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