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For over 30 years, health sciences publishers have made participating in Doody’s Review Service a cornerstone of their book marketing and promotion efforts. Doody’s works closely with each publisher to provide a comprehensive and robust participation experience that ensures widespread awareness of new titles, strong editorial reviews, and opportunities to maximize the voices of Doody’s incredible Editorial Review Group Chairs and reviewers.


Participating in Doody’s Review Service


Publishers participate in Doody’s Review Service by sending two (2) physical copies of each newly published health sciences book as it’s published. In return, Doody’s will catalog the book in Doody’s Review Service, the premier collection development tool in the health sciences, and send it out to an expert in the field for potential review.


What we ask from publishers


In addition to asking that you send us two (2) physical copies of each health sciences book you publish, we also ask that you introduce us to the most appropriate contacts so we can ensure the right people receive pertinent updates and copies of reviews. There is no cost to participate in Doody’s Review Service.

A note about sending two physical review copies


We acknowledge the costs associated with printing and shipping physical review copies to our office, and we don’t take that investment in Doody’s Review Service lightly. In order to provide a consistently positive and fair experience for all participating publishers and our Editorial Review Groups, we are unable to accept digital review copies. To honor those publishers who consistently choose to prioritize sending us their books in print, we do not make exceptions. Additionally, we ask all publishers to send us two (2) physical copies of each new book to help facilitate and incentivize the review process. Book reviewers are volunteers and provide their expert editorial perspectives in exchange for a gratis copy of the book they review (reviewers) or for which they solicit a review (Editorial Review Group Chair).



What publishers can expect from us


Relationship-driven participation: When you start working with us, our team will set up a webinar to introduce ourselves, get to know you, and create a pathway for your successful participation in Doody’s Review Service. We’ll also check in regularly throughout the time you participate with us.


Communication: We’ll confirm with your team when we receive a book and when we publish a review of it. No sending books into the void!


Discoverability: All health sciences titles sent to us will be cataloged in our Doody’s book database and made discoverable with our librarian subscribers.


Expert reviews: Our extensive network of experts works diligently to provide authoritative and fair reviews that librarians can use to make critical acquisitions decisions and that publishers can use productively. We strive to review at least 50% of the books that are sent to us for review by any given publisher.

Publicity: We’ll announce each new title in our Weekly Literature Update, offering targeted publicity even before a review is published. After a review is published, we’ll announce it in another Weekly Literature Update. In addition, Doody’s reviews are syndicated widely among popular library service provider platforms and book distributor websites.


Access: Contacts at participating publishers are welcome to join Doody’s Publishers’ Club, which offers complimentary access to our full database of bibliographic information and expert reviews. This is a great way to stay connected and keep informed about books and reviews in your areas.




Ready to participate?

Download our Publisher Participation Checklist and send us your newly published health sciences books! And make sure to contact us HERE to let us know that you want to stay up-to-date as books are received and reviewed!



Making the most of your participation

Check out these policies and webpages for more information about making the most of your Doody’s reviews:

Have a Question? Contact us today!

We are here to help. Contact us by phone, e-mail or via our social media channels.

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